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If anyone wants to request for me to write a Slash Harry Potter crossover fanfic for them these are the fandoms I am willing to write for/familiar with:

Big Bang Theory, Cyberpunk 2077 ,Deus Ex , Detroit Become Human , Dishonored , Disney , Dragon Age , Fable 2 and 3 , Fallout , Final Fantasy XV , Final Fantasy VII , Game of Thrones ,Hannibal (tv series) , The Magicians, Merlin BBC , New Girl, Shadow Hunters/Mortal Instruments , Outer Worlds, Sherlock BBC , Smallville , Supernatural ,True Blood , The Witcher , Walking Dead (tv series) and of course Harry Potter

Harry Potter Crossover Pairings I am interested in writing for/more for:

Big Bang Theory/Harry Potter - Stuart Bloom/Harry Potter , Zack Johnson/Harry Potter

Deus Ex/Harry Potter- Adam Jensen/Harry Potter , Francis Pritchard/Harry Potter

Detroit Become Human/Harry Potter - Connor/Harry Potter

Dishonored/Harry Potter - Corvo Attano/Harry Potter , Thomas the Whaler/Harry Potter

Dragon Age/Harry Potter - Cullen Rutherford/Harry Potter , Fenris/Harry Potter , Alistair Theirin/Harry Potter , Dorian Pavus/Harry Potter , Male Warden/Harry Potter , Male Inquisitor/Harry Potter , Zevran Arainai/Harry Potter , The Iron Bull/Harry Potter , Garrett Hawke/Harry Potter , Anders/Harry Potter

Fable 2 and 3/Harry Potter - King Logan/Harry Potter , Reaver/Harry Potter , Ben Finn/Harry Potter

Fallout/Harry Potter - Nate/Harry Potter , Paladin Danse/Harry Potter , John Hancock/Harry Potter , Nick Valentine/Harry Potter

The Magicians/Harry Potter - Eliot Waugh/Harry Potter , Penny/Harry Potter , Quentin Coldwater/Harry Potter

Merlin BBC/Harry Potter - Merlin/Harry Potter , Arthur Pendragon/Harry Potter

New Girl/Harry Potter - Schmidt/Harry Potter , Nick Miller/Harry Potter , Paul Genzlinger/Harry Potter , Sam Sweeney/Harry Potter

Shadow Hunters/Harry Potter - Magnus Bane/Harry Potter , Raphael Santiago/Harry Potter , Simon Lewis/Harry Potter , Jace Wayland/Harry Potter , Alec Lightwood/Harry Potter

Outerworlds / Harry Potter - The Captain/Harry Potter , Felix Millstone/Harry Potter

Sherlock BBC/Harry Potter - Sherlock Holmes/Harry Potter , James Moriarty/Harry Potter , John Watson/Harry Potter , Mycroft Holmes/Harry Potter , Phillip Anderson/Harry Potter

Smallville/Harry Potter - Clark Kent/Harry Potter , Lex Luthor/Harry Potter

Supernatural/Harry Potter - Lucifer/Harry Potter , Castiel/Harry Potter , Sam Winchester/Harry Potter , Gabriel/Harry Potter , Dean Winchester/Harry Potter , John Winchester/Harry Potter , Crowley/Harry Potter

True Blood/Harry Potter - Bill Compton/Harry Potter , Eric Northman/Harry Potter

The Witcher/Harry Potter - Geralt/Harry Potter , Jaskier(Dandelion)/Harry Potter , Lambert/Harry Potter , Eskel/Harry Potter

Marvel/Harry Potter - Deadpool/Harry Potter , Loki/Harry Potter

Very Important!

Please be very patient when waiting for me to update on multichapter fanfics as this is a hobby and I do have a life apart from fanfiction.When reviewing please remember that I do get writers block and just saying "please update" or "When's the next chapter?" isn't going to make the next chapter be done any faster.

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