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Okay, so it says that I'm like supposed to put some words of wisdom, advice for future generation of writers, and information about myself on here so:

To making the business owners of Fanfiction happy:

I'm a full-time reader, have been since I could read.

I'm 21 years old, going to college in Va (where I live).

Also, I'm more of a reader and reviewer; but once in a while, I will put up some of my stuff. So keep an eye out for that. Also, if anyone needs a beta reader, just let me know.

Now that the formalities are done, it is time for my favorite:

I have a few accounts roaming the web; the ones that I mostly use are...

/askeita (where you can find out more about me). I have another myspace profile; if you want to view, or add it, it is the first friend in my list titled Dying without you productions (which is basically my Jonas Brothers fan site; so for those JoBro fans on here, check it out once in a while. I also have a Twilight site called Twilight Takeover; so if your a fan of TWILIGHT which is the best movie EVER check that out.

www.youtube.com/Uniquevirtue (where you can find all the things that I like listening to)

and another fiction based website, which is: http://www.fictionpress.com/~heartbreakershorizon (here's where you can acquire a view point of what my writing style is.

To my friends from MIBBA you know who you are...littlemissSmilez, Seven Skelton and her friends and lastly the coolest out of them all, GothicBabe101, school, and myspace: WELCOME TO THE SECOND GREATEST PLACE Mibba of course takes first

It's really late here in Va. so as i leave you all for now, i have one final parting-of-ways gift to you:

"It is our Written Words that will one day bring this world Hope." (may this quote give you light in the darkest parts of your mind where you reach your writers block.)

Extremely Important...

Every Jonas fan that has a youtube account ban this person-stewartcolbert. Why you may ask? Well because he is dissing on our boys and dissing hard. Leave flaming comments to all of his videos on why he hates the Jonas Brothers. In doing this, it will make the world right again for all of us, will show him that if you mess with the Jonas Brothers, then you mess with their billions of fans, and will be an example for other Jonas haters around the world. So thanks if you do help out in this.

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