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Hey My name is Charlie. I have some ideas for some stories but I'm not that great at writing so if someone wants to co-op with me I'd be glad to do that. I have ideas for Maximum Ride and Percy Jackson and maybe a little Divergent. I've read maze runner so I might come up with some ideas for that. So if any of you people out there are good writers pm or whatever it's called lol and we will try to work something out but for now here's a little about me;

Gender: girl

Name: Charlotte but I go by Charlie

Hair and eye color: brown and brown. I’m really tan to.

Personality: tomboy all the way. I hate dresses and makeup. I love sports and am very sarcastic and weird.

Favorite color: Dark red, Navy blue, black

Favorite book: Maximum Ride and Percy Jackson

Hobbies: reading, listening to music, swimming, running and color guard

Dislikes: the color pink, Justin Beiber, the cold, glitter, Mylan, Miggy, Figgy, stupid people


Things I'm good at: I'm okay at singing and drawing, um I can read pretty fast

Things I'm bad at: cooking

Biggest fear: spiders

Biggest feat: I read Maximum Ride forever in 3 hours

Age: 13

Height: 5'4

Where I live: western southern USA

Favorite bands: Three Days Grace, My Chemical Romance, Evanescence

I think that's it. I'll post a FF of my ideas. Also I'm going to try my best to never discontinue a story or forget about it. I hate when authors do that so whoever helps me will have to keep up their game XD. I also have one rule. I do NOT do lemons or whatever you want to call them. Like, really I'm 13 I'm not writing that.

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