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Hi! As far as my High School Musical fics goes: It says at the end of Best Friends there's a sequel up called "The Life and Times of Kira Bolton." But I had only gotten a few chapters of that up before I decided I didn't want to write it any more (I stopped writing all HSM fanfiction), so that no longer exists. All of the rest of my stories are finished, with the exception of Why Can't You Just Get Along?, in which the storyline is finished enough so that it doesn't matter too much. But if anyone wants to use what I've written already and finish it, feel free to PM me.

Name: Emily, known as em91011 practically everywhere online. The name comes from when I started a neopets account when I was nine and thought I would use it until I was eleven. Thus, em91011.

Age: 16

Where I'm from: I'm American, born in New York City. I've lived in Westfield, NJ (right by Summit), Sao Paulo, Brazil, and now I live in London, England. But I still have my American accent and identify as American.


Book: It's a tie between Without you: A memoir of love, loss, and the musical RENT by Anthony Rapp, Looking for Alaska, An Abundance of Katherines, and Paper Towns by John Green, Boy Meets Boy by David Levithan.

Movie: I can never decide.

TV Show: Glee, closely followed by Pushing Daisies, Six Feet Under, House, and Queer as Folk.

Band: Panic! at the Disco

Song: My favorite song of the moment is When the Day met the Night by Panic at the Disco. But that's just "normal" music. I mostly listen to show tunes (and Fall Out Boy. I guess that's kind of a weird combination).

Play/Musical: Spring Awakening. Then RENT. Then Billy Elliot, Avenue Q, Priscilla Queen of the Desert, August: Osage County, The Last 5 Years, and Next to Normal are all also up there. And a play called Prettiest Friend that was written for some actors at my school (based on the song by Jason Mraz, but not in the way I was expecting at all).

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