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Hello! This is AlfredSamaNoBaka!

Stories In Progress:

Covered In Venom and Tears - Chapter One through Chapter Four is complete and posted, but I am still looking to edit if necessary. Chapter Five is still being thought through and planned out, so it might be a little while. In general, I have a basic idea of how I want this story to go. I am unsure of length at the moment.

A/N: I am very excited about this story and I am planning on putting my whole heart and soul into it, making it the best thing I have ever written. Hopefully you all enjoy it. Also, this story is on ArchiveOfOurOwn! If something were to happen to this story(like deletion for mature content), make sure you check this story on ArchiveOfOurOwn for updates. ALSO! Be aware that this story will have multiple little pairings, but in the end it will be a HikaKao!

Goals: I want each chapter to be 3500 to 4000 words. I want to update at least once a week! If I am busy I will update at least once every two weeks(4000 words can be a lot). I want to have the whole story planned out and ready to go by August. Since I am unsure of the length, I don't have a goal for the ending date. If everything else goes as planned, then I should have an approximate end goal by August. I want to update every Friday, if possible.

Memories Made Of Gold - Chapter One is complete, but I am still looking to edit if necessary... which it might be very necessary.

A/N: Since this story was completely and 100 percent out of the blue, I am going to take my with it. I am most likely going to go through and fix the first chapter up soon in case I decide to change the direction of where I want it to go. That is all.

Future Stories

Possible Continuation of Strip For Me, Alice. We shall see where the tide takes us when it comes to that one. I am also thinking about continuing Packaged.

You can definitely expect more stories for Ouran High School Host Club in the future, along with stories for Hetalia, Tsubasa Chronicles, Kingdom Hearts, and maybe a few others, but nothing has been specifically planned out yet.

Keep your eye out for random oneshots.

Completed Stories

Didn't Even Say

*Strip For Me, Alice


* means possible continuation if the stars are aligned correctly and my brain explodes with an idea

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