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Hello hello to all; I am the totally un-known being Gigikwinxfan...

Prehaps it is clear that this account was made when I was 9 years old.

It actually was, I won't lie ;) When I was little my entire world was winx club, hence my username. I wrote four pitiful stories that gathered a good reception from the winx club community when I was 9, but because I was victim of a terrible flamer I was banned forever from fanfaction by a parental unit.

But I have returned, and aged nicley might I add. I will allow the four pitiful stories I wrote when I was younger to remain on this page but make no mistake: they will not be continued. No you my lovely fanfiction user are in for a treat of the winxiest kind:

A totally new fanfiction that deals with the winx club.

Prehaps this is because I wish to pay homage to my childhood self, or simply because I feel its better to share a good story with the rest of the world, take your pick but through rail, sleet, hail, and all other types of precipitation I will write this story and finish it.

Think I'm lying? Think again.

Much love:


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