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Ok, I'm the good dr.

I am NOT a doctor.

Here is the status of my stories (and ideas for stories) and a slightly better description of what they all are. All stories are on hiatus until I find the time to update them. Seeing as I am in college that might not be for a while.

Perspective- The rewrite of International Police. Only this time it's cannon compliant for the most part. It takes place in an isolationist America during GOF, and details just how scared everyone is of a possible death eater resurgence.

International Police- Formerly my pride and joy, which shows you just how bad an author I am. It's about an American (named Dale) who is sent to hogwarts to investigate Umbridge, and he is packing a secret (No he is not related to anyone from the series. Nor is he gay, a woman, from the future, or probably anything ever used by anyone else). Is set from OotP onwards (though skipps DH). Just to tell you now that secret is not a cross over. rated T for violence, language, yo moma jokes involving sex, and gore. The character Dale Franlkin is currently on loan to the author A Dash of Yellow for her fanfic In the land of fangirls. Yes my OC is a bit OOC, but deal with it.

Toy soldiers- the original is a twoshot about a top secret military team who gets a little caught up in DH events. rated T for violence. The second chapter is set post DH, preepilogue, with the main character telling the story of his internment prior to his death.

Toy soldiers 2867- takes place in the year 2867, and is about a civil war humanity has around 300 years after earth was invaded by aliens. The snag? It's mugglesversuswizards, and who said ET wasn't still at war with earth. (not a crossover, just wanted to use that term, ). Follow the new toy soldiers and the ship Retribution throughout this war. Rated T for violence being rewritten. On perminent hiatus.

What about Gary Stu?- Honestly I'm tired of everyone bitching and moaning about just Mary Sues, maybe it's because I write Gary Stus

Why I hate Nod infantry- Self explanatory, why I hate Nod infantry from C&C 3 Kane's Wrath. No patriotism, K plus for mild language.

I can not tell a cliche- After reading a parody in which Harry Potter was emo, I decided to parodize emo Harry. Only this time Harry knows he's in a parody and is killed before we even get far into the story.

A less hypocritical Cliche killer fic- The author decides to kill sues WITHOUT creating another in its place. The solution to this problem? Simple, find the most sociopathicdroid from the Star Wars universe and send it to Harry Potter. Primarily a crossover with Star Wars KotoR and Harry Potter, but will have other crossovers later.

A reflection on the idiocy that is the 20th century- A oneshot in which Luna Lovegood, a passenger aboard the Enterprise D wonders what the hell was going through JKR's head when she made the Harry Potter series, and why she has to try and correct the author's mistakes by playing in the holodeck. Oneshot.

Dumbledore's Manipulations- One shots which involve Manipulative Dumbles, and how authors try and deal with him. In otherwords its a freakin parody.

I have a profile on fiction press, if you want to read anything else by me click on the link http://www.fictionpress.com/~thegooddr

So decided to clean up my profile, no idea if/when I'll get back to writing, but we'll see.

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