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We came, We saw, We conquered

Well we can work on that last one after our homework, practices, and other nonsensible time wasters are over. Because any free time not reading fan fictions is a crime. Well let me introduce three of the most positiveley anonymus writers on the site. I am Espadas,and two of my crazy friends and I will be sharing this fine account. My two friends names you may ask? They are Ebany and Libros. No these are not our real names they are aliases or pen names if you will. They each represent a talent or hobby we may have. The names are in our secondary language of Espanol, well, as secondary as a class language can be. What I can tell you is that with our mix of creativity,extreme fan crazes, awesomeness, and insanity we shall redefine the meaning of the word crazy with our collection of funny, fresh,and ever so witty fan fictions.

Well, this is the second time I've ever edited this. Which is kind of pathetic given how many years we've had this account. But seeing as the three of us have split up and are living all over the United States now, I guess it isn't too shocking. So, by process of elimination, the stories here now belong to to The Libros of Veni Vidi Vichi. And beware, my tastes are eclectic. :)

So this is my third time editing this profile and I have yet to change much of what's here. I'll blame that on a certain fondness for the insanity that was my friends and I when we were about fourteen. Unfortunately for the stories I've been working on or had ideas for, and especially for the stories I promised people I'd write, as of Tuesday June 4th I'll be serving an eighteen month mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, so I won't be able to be on the site. Once I'm back I'm sure to have lots to write about though, so look forward to that.

Make this the fourth time, 'cause everybody, I'M HOME! I can't say I didn't miss you all while I was gone, but I was happy to be out doing what I was doing. I'm also going back to university next week, so I can't promise to exactly be flooding the world with fanfictions, but know that I have plenty of ideas, and I'll write them as I can.

- So cherrio fellow authors and let the passion of writing ensue.

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