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UPDATE 09/26/15:

HELLO! :) It's been 4 years since I've updated and I know you guys are ready to chop, boil, saute, and grill me for not uploading another chapter. I'm going to graduate in Spring, so I'll definitely keep writing. My major has been taking too much of my time that I only get few hours of sleep. When I actually have breaks, I just lay down on my bed as a blob. So, I hope you guys can understand and can wait for me :) THANK YOU!

My stories x

Fire Dragon Meets Water Phoenix

Summary:Mikan Sakura, the famous pop star princess enter Alice Academy but instead of dressing as a girl,she dress as a boy,but more surprise, she has a Water Phoenix.There she meet a rich player Natsume Hyuuga with a Fire Dragon.Will love be born or chaos will?

Princess, Please Return to Me

Summary: An 3 Year old Princess fell down with the cliff into the ocean, as she fell into the ocean, with a total memory lost. Her parents sent many guards to find the princess but couldn't find her. After 12 years later, many people had forgotten about the missing princess, but people were thinking weather she was alive or dead,but some still haven't forgotten her genuine smile. Will they find her, will the PRINCE find her or will chaos find them.

Characters x

(That is not from GAKUEN ALICE)


Name: Mikan Sakura ( mandarin oranges, cherry tree)

Alice: Nullification, Stealing

Star: 1 Star

Girls: (Age: Depends)


Hanako Haruki (Flower Girl, Shining Bright)

Alice: Earth

Star: Special Star

Ran Sasaki (Water lily, Unknown)

Alice: Water

Star: Special Star

Aimi Cho (Love Beauty, Butterfly)

Alice: Ice

Star: Triple

Yua Masaki (Love, Brightness)

Alice: Thunder

Star: Triple

Manami (Beautiful Love)

Element: Water


Boys: (Age: Depends)


Ren Sasaki (Water lily, Unknown)

Alice: Water

Star: Special Star

Raikou Itami (Forgot, Unknown)

Alice: Thunder

Star: Special Star

Kaito (Ocean)

Alice: Weather Changer

Star: Triple Star

Haru (Born in Spring)

Alice: Booting

Star: Triple Star

Atsuo (Friendly Man)

Alice: Girl Pheromone

Star: Triple Star

Ryuu (Dragon)

Element: Fire

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Please, I REPEAT!! DON'T Steal or take part of my story and put it into your stories!! Also, i beg of you guys, please don't write BAD REVIEW, because it's just going to hurt me because it just mean that you guys saying my work sucks, so please! thank you!well enjoy my stories!

ps: Some of my story has cursing and i'm not good at grammar and if you hate it don't review it and just ignore it than saying stuff about because I really hate it!

Bye :)

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