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I love Ninjago! And reading fanfictions. It's the only thing that got me into reading and writing in the first place.

Cole is my favorite so most of my stories will be about him.


Name: Classified

Age: Classified

Gender: Also Classified (Ok, I'm a girl)

Now you have your information about me :D

But seriously: Hi, I'm NinjagoLover61-9 and I love Ninjago if you can't tell already. My favorite ninja is Cole but my favorite overall character is Garmadon. I like writing and I think I'm good at it? I was terrible at reading and writing and also thought it was a waste of time, but over the summer, I got better. Now I changed districts and am in the advanced English classes. It sounds weird but Ninjago has helped me with my literature. I love TV and reading. I also really care for the environment and try to do my best to keep it unpolluted.

Favorite Ninjago ships: I love Jaya, Pixane (amazing), Kailor, Colania(correct me if I spelled it wrong), and Garmasako. I don't mind Wusako. Also, I wanted to say this but I'm not going to make a whole other section cuz' I'm lazy. Not a romantic relationship but I like the relationship between Kai and Lloyd. Not full-on green flame but I like the older brother, younger brother mood it gives off.

Favorite Season: Season 8, all the way

Ninjas Ranked: 1. Cole, 2. Zane, 3. Lloyd, 4. Kai, 5. Jay, 6. Nya

Questions to think about:

What's your favorite food? My answer: cheese

Do you like cheese? Yes

What's your favorite ninja? (If you don't know what that means then why are you here?)

Why don't you review my stories? Sorry, I was too busy eating cheese (If you did, thank you so much! :D)

Ok, let's do this:

Likes: Ninjago, Nature, Cheeze

Dislikes: Sometimes Ninjago, Sometimes nature, Sometimes cheeze

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