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Wow.. It has been a while. Maybe I should update this? Lol.

I am a mum to a crazy, wonderful daughter. I'm turning 30 this year! Scary stuff. I live in stunning New Zealand. And it STILL rocks my socks off when I see my country mentioned in fic.

I adore reading. It's like a free holiday! My favourite authors are Tamora Pierce, Stephenie Meyer, Eoin Colfer, Sheryl Jordan and Gary Paulsen. I like Harry Potter, The Hunger Games and the Alex Rider series. And loads more books, besides! If you noticed they are 'YA' books and authors then ten points! Lol. I have a short attention span when it comes to reading. Adult books just have way to much waffling! And I don't like keeping track of 15 'main' characters. Especially when action starts up and just when its getting good the scene ends and it shifts to another main character (usually in another part of the world!!). Gah! So 'YA' books it is. There are some 'grown up' books I enjoy on the raaare occasion. The Wheel of Time series had some cool ideas. And The Liveship Traders was pretty cool. And I quite like some of Clive Cusslers books about Dirk Pitt.

As you can see.. I love talking about books! So if you wanna chat, feel free to drop me a line. I only bite in my fantasies (usually). :o)

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