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Hey everyone,

I am an avid fanfic reader on . I have read several stories and have some likes and dislikes. if anyone knows any good story which is not in my favorites point me to it. I am currently writing a story. If you like it and have suggestions, kindly put it in review. it is open to suggestions.


MALE SLASH. Just really isn't my thing. I've read some and tried to be objective but to me, it's not believable in the slightest and ruins some potentially good stories. I am in no way homophobic but it's just one element I don't enjoy within main pairings in fanfictions.

FEM HARRY: Just does not do it for me at all. It seems most of these are written by people with wishful desires of Harry being a girl. WHY?? Can we just not appreciate characters for who they are without besmirching their gender? Sorry to say, it is mostly female writers that take this approach and are either unable or unwilling to write from a male perspective when dealing with Harry.

Extremely evil Dumbledore: I have seen some fics where Dumbledore personally put harry to kill him and have his fortune or murdered people by setting them up etc. I don't have a problem with manipulative Dumbledore but the extreme evil thing is something I dislike.

DOLORES UMBRIDGE: Who likes her anyways? Pretty obvious. Duh!


I love non-canon pairings and the whole AU concept. Some pairings I've read and enjoyed:

1. Harry/Daphne: I think this pairing just adds a whole new dimension to the HP universe. She is a canon character with little known about her so it provides a really flexible mold to work with someone who isn't completely OC and the whole Slytherin thing just adds to it further.

2. Harry/Fleur: Again I feel that this pairing just adds a whole new dimension to the universe and forms a basis of a very good AU setting. I'm not keen on the Harry/Fleur/Gabrielle concept, for me, it's just over the top.

3. Harry/ Susan bones: Like Haphne this is another one I like which gives a whole new dimension to the story. I think Susan Bones is a true Hufflepuff, kind, caring, and loyal to a fault.

4. Harry/Tonks: Harry experiences a lot of hardship and trauma so him being mature beyond his years is very likely. It's not an impossible age gap between these 2 characters and when well written it really works. It just seems unlikely for Harry to be able to relate to girls his own age who are largely immature and who fangirl him so much. Her slight immaturity for her age balances his seriousness it really just works.

Powerful Harry: I like a Harry who actually trains and relies on his skills than luck.

Good Hermione: I usually don't prefer to read Hermione Bashing. I really like her character in the books. Of course, there are a few well-written stories that bash Hermione that I love.

Omakes: a small short joke at the end of a chapter sometimes adds to the dynamics in the chapter.

Dearest readers!

It is my immense pleasure to announce that I have launched my very own Discord Server: House of HPfanfictioner66.

I have created it with the help of my two very good friends. I really hope to see you all there and have fun with you all. There, you can communicate with me, ask me questions regarding my fics, give your own theories, and even... wait, why should I tell you everything here? Come over and check it all out yourself!

Discord Server Invite Link: discord . gg / 4qfP3fxdQ4
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I will love it if you guys come on my server and interact with me there. If you have some of your own theory or wish to see something in this fic as the journey progresses, you can tell it to me on the discord server.

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