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Hey everyone,

I am HPFanfictioner66 and I write fanfics for the Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and the MCU fandoms.

You might know me for my fics which you might've stumbled across at some point in time if you regularly scroll through .

You can check out all my works here and I implore you to try them out. I update the stories regularly, every Sunday to be precise, on a rotational basis. Do leave your reviews, expressing your thoughts and feelings. I did love to hear from you, and it always makes my day to see that you are enjoying my works.

I also cross-post all my stories on Archive of our Own under the same pen name.

In addition, I have created a discord server with the help of my two very good friends. I really hope to see you there and have fun. There, you can communicate with me, ask me questions regarding my fics, look at the character images, get sneak peeks of future chapters, and even... wait, why should I tell you everything here? Come over and check it all out yourself!

Discord Server Invite Link: discord . gg / 4qfP3fxdQ4
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I will love it if you come on my server and interact with me there. If you have some of your own theory or wish to see something in this fic as the journey progresses, you can tell it to me on the discord server!

Stay Happy! Stay Safe! Keep Smiling! Keep Reading!


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