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I am Rose Tiger. I am a huge anime. What I love most is the romance between my favorite couples in anime. What I'm really looking forward to is Naruto going to date Hinata. Those two are my most favorite couple out of all the animes I have seen. Anyway, please enjoy my fanfictions. Remember! NO FLAMES ALLOWED!!

I know that I have not been posting stories lately, but the responsibilities of adult life is slowing me down. But do not worry! I'm still here! I am working on my stories! Just give me time! Believe it or not, I'm working on a Miraculous Ladybug story. I just recently got into that series and I love it! I won't spoil my surprise story for you, so please be patient.

CHALLENGES: Let see if you wonderful writers are up for the challenge to write these stories!! Go for it!!

Naruto as The Mask: Naruto gets the Mask, and unleashes a level of Pranks never seen before in the shinobi world. NaruHina, No Harem, Bashing on everyone at insane levels. It can be similar to the movie or you can cause chaos through out the village. Suggested by me, Rose Tiger, and promoted by me and Kaos and Magnus.

Naruto's fairy tales: Let see if you can make out favorite Ninja heros as stars of your favorite fairy tales!! (NaruHina, SasuSaku, InoCho, ShikaTem, GaaMatsu, NejiTen) Go for it!!!

Prince Naruto: This challenge is almost as similar to the Runaway Hokage challenge, but this time, Naruto is really a prince from his mother's homeland. It can start from the very beginning of the series, during the chunnin exams, or when Naruto brings Sasuke home (Sasuke Rescue arc). Make it anyway you like it as long it is strickly NaruHina!! NO HAREMS!!! You can bash or no bash! You can do it!!

http:///art/The-tactic-of-itachi-89303949: This page is for Sasukez!!

http:///art/Konoha-s-princess-78476878: This page is for Naruto-Hinata4everandalways & princess-stella-of-solaria!!

I also want say R.I.P. Michael Jackson, my most favorite singer ever!! I love you Michael!!

I will also send my prayers to a splendid writer of NaruXHina fanfics ... Kris-san who is soaring in heaven right now.

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I also Have some other sites for you to see. So please come see me!

Tumblr: https:///

Wattpad: https:///user/Rosetiger1687

Deviantart: https:///rosetiger

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