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About me: I was adopted from Paraguay when I was a child. My favourite activities include video gaming, cosplay, anime, conventions, sewing, reading, writing, and music. I am very much into the Japanese culture and have been studying Japanese since I was 12. I'm also blind autistic. Life has been one adventure after another. I remember reading a story in the Avatar The Last Airbender Section about everyone in a chat room talking. I can't tell you how many comments I read about people asking "How can Toph read the screen because she's blind?" That made me laugh. Its simple. I use a thing called a Screen Reader. Basically it reads everything on the computer screen for me. I can pick and choose a voice, the speed it speaks at, and what it reads. If you ever have questions or comments about Blind or Visually Impaired don't be afraid to ask me. I'm very open about my disability and will answer any question. Remember, what you say about people with disabilities or problems doesn't just reflect on what you think of just one person, but everyone that has that same problem or disability.

What I'm doing now: It has come to my attention that i have basically become the "go to person" for helping portray blind people and people with disabilities within people's stories. I've also helped many authors get their ideas out or help them continue when they are stuck. I am enjoying this role. I don't have the confidence to write my ideas out so why not hand them over to someone who does? I'm happy I have found my place here. If anyone needs any ideas, creative advice, help with portraying a character with a disability (especially blindness) then I'll give you as much help as possible.

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