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So Harriet isn't my real name, but my mum doesn't like me giving my name out on the internet, and so I don't. Go me. And no I'm not some little preteen who HAS to do what her mum says. I just do it cause it saves a lecture if she ever finds out. Yes, well it was Battle of Wills that got both me and Pat (Now PROCRASTINATOR TOMMOROW) into fanfiction, and it was I that introduced Pat to Battle of Wills in the first place. So there. I am a HUGE fan of the Marauderers, and I am writing a fanfic about them and about a million other things - yay. I'm currently obsessed with Classics - Ancient Greece (The Romans were just posers) and DRAMA (I live for drama...yeah...) amongst other things. I'm also Catholic and proud of it. Yup. That's me. Pat is my partner in crime, and we have a joint account, which can be found in my favorites, as Pat and Harriet.

I have about twenty fanfiction ideas, some which I have started, some which I have all planned out, etc etc, but I have this thing where I'm really bad at finishing any piece of writing...so yeah. I'm not going to post anything untill I'm certain it will be finished, because it'd just be horrible to get to the climax and be like...nah I can't write anymore...I have this mean as (as in, really cool...) idea for a OC durmstrang story, and I adore Rosexscorpius, I have a fic for them too, and the marauderers, but they may never see the light...yeah.

Current Fics:

Move: Draco needs to get Ginny to MOVE in the final battle. ONESHOT

Just so you know, I did not name myself after Harry. I didn't go ohhhh Harry, Harriet!! NO!! Harriet Fields is my character in the play that we did at school, called Denial.

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