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Hello there!

I'm a reader, not a writer. The writing of fanfiction I leave to all you marvellous authors here on and I enjoy your work immensely.

If you've found me, it's probably because I've reviewed one of your stories. Be a little proud, because I don't even find a tenth of all the stories I read worth saying something about. And I never flame, but I do strive to give constructive criticism.

I like long stories that gives the characters and plot time to evolve. I like fluff, humour and angst. I prefer happy endings, but do respect the authors who have the guts to kill off characters and/or leave them in a state of despair. Some of my favourite stories leave me crying into the pillow.

I prefer slash stories, although I sometimes visit the fandoms of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Buffy/Spike) and Labyrith (Sara/Jareth). Other fandoms I visit are Lord of the Rings and X-men but I mostly stick to Sherlock, Avengers, Good Omens, Harry Potter and Star Trek. I've been in love with Spock since I was ten years old and first saw Star Trek TOS.

If you know of a story that you think I would like, please tell me!

Oh, and if anyone wonders - yes, the picture is me. With a few changes and additions of course, and it's made with pastel crayons.

/Silvanesti, Sweden

Note to self: I've read all Avengers stories in English with the pairing Tony/Loki that are completed untilthe date of 12th of July 2013. Except the mpreg ones, I can't stand those, not even with Loki.

Note to self: I've read all Star Trek: 2009 romantic Kirk/Spock stories in English (except mpreg and some AU) completed until the date of 10th of May 2013.

Note to self: I've reread reviewed stories until Wases and could have beens.

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