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~ ~~ ~• Just a german girl who loves fanfictions ~ ~~ ~•

If I'm into a fandom there is no stopping me in devouring a good fanfiction. Not a native speaker but still fluent working on some one-shot collections so they might be some content or I just continue reading Old enough to legally drive a car and getting drunk in most countries Creative head / dreamer / mom / wannabe nerd listening to music while writing helps me be creative definately a dog person

Current Fandoms/Pairings:

Miraculous: MariChat / Adrinette / DJWifi Naruto: SasuNaru My Hero Academy : BakuDeku / TodoDeku / KiriKami Harry Potter: HarryGinny / DracoHermione / HarryDraco

Things I don't like in a fanfiction:

threesomes ( I dont like sharing!) rape (guys come on!) too out of character, slightly is ok but more.. too much spelling and grammar mistakes (Im no native speaker as well but at least I try!) a plot too rushed (I like slow burns)

Things I do like in a fanfiction:

alpha/beta/omega dynamics fluffy angst where there is drama there is love pining and sexual tension slow built
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