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So my names Erica. I'm a really hyper person at random. I'm waaay to obessed with Severus Snape they should have a rehab center for people like me. I'm over the age of 15 but under the age if 19. I loove Snarry fic's. I really love it when Sev bottoms but that doesn't happen too much I read other types of fics too like gravitation (yuki. shuichi.) and one piece (sanji. zorro.) that's about it..oh and I throw in some loveless ones in there from time to time. My fave foods have been known to just randomly pop up in my stories too like my one friend is writing a loveless fic and i told her to put captin crunch berries in it...the sad thing is..she did..and mentiond soy milk..yummy...

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