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15 January 2015

Another year, a new year... I am still active at reading fanfiction. But, about writing... I feel that my hand just can't cooperate well with my mind. I know what my chapter will go but somehow I can't delivery it well. For my old stories...sadly it is difficult for me, because the book contain the storyline etc. is gone... I think I will dig again and make some adjustmen based on what I remember.

I think, I want to try to translate stories. But it's just an idea. I want to get an experience at translating stories (from english). So, don't be surprised if I suddenly ask permission.

29 September 2014

Author's Rants

Greetings... Your lovely *cough* aimiera is here. I am deeply apologize for my dear readers for bringing a bad news. All of my incomplete fanfics is now under hiatus. Because some reality crashes, I am became too busy to write fanfics, and as time goes by, my ability to writing fanfics got buried really deep and I don't know when I can regain my passion and ability to write (same case with fanart, my quality of drawing became really bad).

Even tough my writing skills goes under hill, I am still active in reading fanfics, it is one of little enjoyment that I can found so I don't get under stress so much. I am really interested in reading a fem!Kuroko under Kuroko no Basuke fandom, you can see that I make a community for that. If anyone want to become staff of the community, please don't be shy to pm me for membership.

Oh, and I got fall in love with Pokémon fandom, especially with Pokémon Special / Adventure manga, I recommended it for anyone who still not reading it yet. In my opinions, it has a great plot of manga. I really like to read guriburu / oldrivalshipping fanfics, but sadly, there is not much to satisfy my new obsession...

There is so many that I want to write here, but I think you don't need to read my fangirling about one pairing to another pairing or maybe how unfair the world is wity not enough evidence or hints in one pairing, my cravings in reading one fanfic to another blabla...rants. But, I am very thankful for all of you that have time to reading my unimportant writing. I really hope that I can *finally* get my writing and drawing passion back.

Thank you for your attention..


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