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A/N: Hey guys………sooooooo first of all….I am so, so, so sorry to the readers that followed ‘The Past She Forgot’ I never updated that story. I tried to update after my last, late update, but I just couldn’t find it in myself to write. I was in the worst place of my life for years and I just gave up on it even though I really didn’t want to and I really wanted to write that story. I feel much better now, but I go through some low times every now and then.

Okay now that, that’s over and done with. I have good news and bad news if you ever read my other story ‘The Past She Forgot’; sadly I won’t be continuing that story and I will be deleting that story from my profile. The good news is that I will be rewriting that story because honestly that was a really long time ago and I feel really disconnected from that story. 'Breathe' will be somewhat following along the lines of ‘The Past She Forgot’ but I will be going about it in a very different way. So do not fret!!! Though if you thought ‘The Past She Forgot’ was too dark for your liking then this will probably not be your cup of tea from what you’ve read the first chapter. If you love this gut wrenching stuff that makes you wanna sit in a fetal position and rock back and forth as you cry your eyes out….then WELCOME!!! Might add some humor but it really depends on how I feel.

In other news, I would love to have a beta to help me out with this story. Give me some pointers help with grammar and spelling. And just let me know what they think in how the story’s direction and progression is going before the chapter is posted. PM me if you would be interested in that sort of thing. And thanks in advance. Lots of love guys.

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Sinbad is bae.















The Past She Forgot-

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i have more artwork but i havent used deviant in a long while. I'll work on putting my most recent stuff up.

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