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"Meta is temporary; Style is eternal"

Sex: Female
Age: 31 (as of 2020) am I old yet? nope lol

I'm some random French/Japanese girl born in Germany and lives in Japan. I've been writing since 2007 but I recently got back into Fanfics. When I'm not busy I'll eventually get around to finishing them up. Go home now.


Furthermore, I have an EXTREME hatred of shitty stories (more so since this site has very bad quality control), horrible plot points, and shitty pairings that have no proper build-up. If your story contains any of that expect a visit from me ;)

As a result, I have a reputation of being difficult to please much to the ire of many writers and especially their fans who can't comprehend that not every story is without flaws. But it makes me happy to know I can easily tick them off like the children (sometimes manchildren) they are.

At the same time, I feel many writers can do better than what they would usually produce but it is clear many of them have so many biases that sometimes it isn't worth it, which is why my aim is to tackle more creative opportunities that are ignored by the norm and make my plots far different from others whilst avoiding all the standard cliches.

But if you welcome my criticism, do know I don't go easy.

(PS I'm severely anti-political when it comes to US Americans and believe the vast majority of Left Wings and Right Wings are total idiots who are only in it for themselves and what they believe rather than bettering everyone who can benefit from political unity.) The thought police are your friends c:

Current Favorite Shows: The Loud House and Star vs the Forces of Evil, and a lot of other different shows of western origin along with various anime (I live in Japan, what do you expect? LOL )

The thing about me is that yes, I'm a huge Loud House fan. Unlike other fans though, who claim to adore the show but stopped watching it anyway, I actually like it a lot. I personally think Season 1 and 2 weren't that good simply due to how one noted so many characters are which is why this fandom has such a huge meta focus where everything has to be done a specific way. And that specific way is everything Season 1 and 2 related.

On top of that, I'm a pretty big Lisa Loud fan. I see a lot of myself in her (I have a no-nonsense attitude on life and have no remorse when chastising people for the dumb decisions they make, regardless if they won a Darwin Award or not. At the same time, Lisa barely exists in the fandom and it seems her only role is to "Just exist". This is why I have many fanfic projects in the works where she's the main character.

Furthermore, I hate the meta crowd because they are so typical, always utilizing the same exact ideas everyone else uses. I strongly value creativity, so much to the point, I'm very much willing to depict many characters as OOC. When you don't push yourself to be creative, you become stagnate to where only asskissers, brown nosers, and sheep will praise you. Meta is temporary; Style is Eternal.

Current Active Story Projects:

Snapped! - Invidia (LH) (Starring: Lisa, Lucy, Lincoln) (Status: Slight Restructuring)

Rebellious (LH) (Starring: Lincoln, Lucy, Lisa, Luan) (Status: Pseudo Hiatus)

Otherworldly Sensation (LH) (Starring: Lisa, Lincoln, Lana, Luna) (Status: In Progress)

I'm a quality over quantity type of writer, so I can only give rough but baseless estimations on when a story will be updated.

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