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I love Overlord. 10/10 show, greatest light novel in the world; Albedo's thighs could crush a human skull like an egg under a steamroller.

I don't really know why I took the name Gamer. Gamer culture is super reactionary, and I haven't been able to stand it for years at this point. I get really mad whenever I enter their spaces, so It's really not a very representative username.

I started off only using the name ironically, but now it's just kind of not. It has lost any meaning or value and now it's just kind of The Word I use.

I hope that whenever I do end up posting something here it's because I'm genuinely proud of a story, and not because of some pointless frustration with not finishing anything. That'd be pretty Pog.

Social anxiety makes me want to commit die sometimes. Don't be surprised if it takes a while to respond to things.

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