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Hey, not much to say. i might change this at a later date.

I love manga and anime. I fell in love with it due to a really good friend of mine, who I need to call. Oops. The story behind that is I got dissed by a couple of other friends of mine and I called her up crying. She invited me over to her house and I slept over in the end. She introduceFull Metal Alchemist to me. I think I read the some of the manga first and then watch the first couple of epsiodes. We soon watched a lot of the epsiodes. I became an addicted soon after that.

My favorite Animes and Manga are

Full Metal Alchemist

Black Cat


D Gray Man


Fruits Basket

and many others. FMA is my number one favorite. The first manga anime I have ever read/seen and helped cure me of a broken heart. I will always love it.

Something which I see a lot on profiles, gay opinions.

My Opinion: I don't care if a person is gay or not. It is their own life and nobody should tell people how to live. And people saying that God won't like it if a person is gay, I believe that God doesn't care who you like. As long as you believe in him and only him. As you can tell, a lot of my favs are about yaoi.

I'm straight though and I will hang out with gays and lesibens but I like only guys. Oh well. But I really dont care who is gay or not, as long as the person is nice to me and my friends.

Also which I see a lot in the town i live in now, saying stuff against blacks and other people.

My Opinion: Who cares what color a person is? I see people as people, not black or white. It shouldn't matter to anybody what color a person is.

Most of my stories are going to be dedicated to my mom. She died last year and it will be soon the 1st year she's been gone. I LOVE YOU MOM!! I MISS YOU SO MUCH!! She was my best friend, sister and mother rolled all into one. I could talk to her about almost anything. Just not what would happen if she died. Anything else sure, but not death. So all of my stories will be dedicated to her. GO MOM!!

Happy Reading People!!

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