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Name: Soder

I would say that I am a veteran on this site since I have been on here for a while. Sadly life is busy so I haven't been as active as I use to be. I began writing in 2006, I have recently been devoting more time and trying to improve the skills I have acquired. This can be seen in Eternal Light which is the current story I am working on. Enjoy.

Notice: I will be finishing my story the Eternal Light but after I have it finished and posted I will cease writing Spyro the Dragon stories. This is due to a lack of passion for the stories I have planned at the moment. Perhaps in the future I will return to them but for the mean time I am working on a new series. Currently the series is going to be a RWBY AU. I hope to have something posted in this series this year but I still have a lot of work I have to do overall for the series. If you are interested at all about this feel free to PM me and I will respond as soon as I am able to.

I will attempt to post on this page how things are coming along and any updates that may effect my writing and releasing of chapters. Once I have my next series posted I will try to update my progress on here weekly.

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