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To anyone that is curious, I did NOT misspell my user name. It is a reference to what is now one of my favorite book series.

Expected Release Dates

Some Things Never Change- Monthly release at the end of the month. (Currently off cycle while building backlog)

Jurgen, Get The Melta!- Monthly release at the end of the month.

I'm Fine- Monthly release at the end of the month.

Pipe Dream Projects: Probably never going to happen...

(Dark Souls X Elden Ring) Trust Me: Two Jolly Cooperators from an age long past are helped by an old 'friend' in an attempt to return them to their time while a certain Shardbearer tries to defend his throne with 'mixed results'... * IF ANYONE WOULD LIKE TO COLLABORATE WITH ME ON THIS, PLEASE DM ME!*

Potential Releases: In the works at the moment... could change at any time.

None... for now.

Abandoned Projects:

RWBY: The Precursor Legacy: Reason: Was diving into edge lord territory, personally did not feel like I could write a *GOOD* happy-go-lucky story. Currently finding dark, depressing, and humor to be more of my specialty. IF ANYONE WANTS MY NOTES ON THIS STORY, JUST ASK AND THEY ARE ALL YOURS.

Unnamed RWBY Collab 1: Was meant to be a Souls crossover, but ultimately fell through due to a lack of communication an my inability to manage this story on my own in addition to my others.

I'll update the expected release section based on how much progress I am making on them. If you ever want to know how long it will take for a story to release then keep an eye on things over here.

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