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Rethink . . . Rework . . . Redo

Rework . . . Redo . . . Rethink

Redo . . . Rethink . . . Rework

My stories mainly fall into three different universes. In all my series the characters are older than canon. The first series is based on the ND/HB Super Mysteries. The second series is an alternate universe in which the brothers were previously in the military and Nancy was in the Chicago police force. In this series N, F, & J are in their late twenties and early thirties. The third series is based solely on Frank and Callie.

My stories do NOT have to be read in the order I give below. I didn't write them in that order. I write as ideas and inspiration comes to me. Stories that are not complete are in progress at home on my computer. I do plan to complete any story I post here.

Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys - Classic Series (loosely based on the Super Mysteries books)

Book 1: Past & Present Danger (N, F, J)

Book 2: A Murder to Die For (N, F, J, Bess)

Nancy Drew/Hardy Brothers - Alternate Universe Series

Book 1: Duty & Honor (Joe only, one-shot)

Book 2: Meet Me at Midnight (N, F, J, V)

Book 3: The Beach (F, C)

Book 4: The Doll (N, Bess, F)

Book 5: Home for Christmas (J, V)

Book 6: Murder by the Sea (F, N)

Book 7: Shadow Games (J, V, F, N)

Book 8: Vengeance (F, N, J, V)

Book 9: Need a Little Help (F, J, with brief appearances by N, V)

Frank/Callie Stories - Alternate Universe

Book 1: The Christmas Star

Book 2: Hallowed Ground

Stand Alone Stories

The Dream (Frank & ?)

Captive (Ned Nickerson) not complete

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