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First off, I am soooo not a serious writer... I'm kinda old, so English classes were a long time ago, and honestly I don't know where the heck the comma goes in relation to the quotation marks or if I need a period here, there, or everywhere. So, please don't judge. Sometimes I get ideas and sometimes I write them down. Not super often, but when I do I do not take it seriously enough to freak about grammar. IJS.

Okay, my fave ships/series:

1. ACOTR - Rhysand and Feyre - like omg I could eat Rhys.

2. TID - Will and Tessa - Jem is fine and dandy, but there's something about those Herondale's.

3. TMI - Jace and Clary - I mean obviously... there's no couple I'd rather read and write about. Plus, did I mention I love Herondale's?

4. Shatter Me - Warner and Juliette - when Warner or Aaron or whatever sliced open those guys with a machete... I mean holy crap.

5. The Selection - Maxon and America - so stinking cute.

I could keep going, but really 5 is enough...

Totally open to any story ideas on those 5 fandoms, but can't promise anything, cus again... I'm not a serious writer!

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