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Name: Ta'Raah

Age: 29

Sex: Female

A little about me: Not much to it really. I'm usually peaceful until provoked to act other wise. But if you know me this section is pointless.

Interests: Listening to music, reading,learning and speaking different languages, vacationing, water skiing (if you haven't tried this its a must do on your next vacation) , snorkeling, swimming, horseback riding, cars, sports, i haven't gotten up the courage to sky dive yet so i can't say that; skating, dogs, iguanas and tropical fish.

Music: Rap, RB, Soul, Classical, Jazz, Rock, blues, caribbean basically all of it you can't be a music lover if you don't enjoy all types of music. Atleast thats my opinion

Heroes: Inventors, with out them where would we be?

And how can i forget i abosolutely love to read fanfiction!!

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