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Fan of Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars, Torchwood among others.

I haven't been writing FF long, but reviews on my stories are the most welcome, also those helping to improve the writing, as I'm not a native speaker and there may some nyances that I might miss otherwise.

I write because it is an outlet from the day to day (I do a lot of writing for work, but it's not the creative kind) and I like that it is a hobby that keeps me wanting to improve myself.

The past 12 months or so have shown I really like the regularity of writing - so I always aim for near daily posts.

Feel free to PM me, discuss, share opinions... whatever. :)

ALSO - if you are looking for the story the Unconventional Jump the name has been changed to Leaps and Landings

Stories in the same universe and their order:

1) Maine Event (ROGAN)

2) Leaps and Landings (JODETTE, happy ROGAN backstory)

3) Balancing Act (ROGAN, JODETTE, Finn, Gigi, Paris, Luke/Lorelai)

4) The Ni├žoise Holiday (ROGAN, JODETTE, Finn& (future) Gigi), takes place in 2024

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