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Special Request:

Gentlemen, ladies, whoever is reading this, I ask, no beg, for someone to do this...

I have a dream, well more like an idea,

a crossover

Buffy Vampire slayer

Metal Gear Solid

Yet Another Halloween fic...

When Xander says he wants to be a soldier, the least he could do is become the best... Xander as A) Solid Snake or B) Naked Snake AKA Big Boss

you can make them real or as a game costume as Metal Gear Solid came in the 98...

Possible Pairings:




Xander/ any girl of MGS

Xander/Cordelia (No idea how)

Xander/Buffy and then Xander/Faith (Buffy give him a chance but she still fall for Angel, Xander back off and finds place with another Slayer)


Xander/Jenny Calender


1- Xander's change must be slow, he can't become snake from night to day, he needs to keep his humor, if only to keep himself from brood

other Idea

Angelus was a good vampire, kill here, torture there, siring overthere... but when Xander's dare him to try to pass him and hurt Buffy, he back off, why, for the boy's spirit and loyalty?, his courage? boredom?, well now why would he back off and leave if he can take revenge upon Harris and hurt Buffy completely...

Angelus was a good vampire, not a great vampire, a great one would never try to sire a vampire of a boy with iron will, Hyena essence and Soldier training locked up in that teen head...


Alexandre Defender of the Wicked



Xander/Darla (Back to life in Los Angeles)




Vampire Xander should be Bipolar, quiping and joking while turning murderous later, he is more cool headed and trough, his instincts should be more directed at strength and power than senseless killing... he could also have a taste for female company.

An awkward relationship with Buffy who is just too guilty to kill him, while he enjoys annoying her too much to kill her

Deep hatred towards Angel and a weird respect for Angelus


1- Being sent hell instead of Angel

2-Creating his own demonic organization

3- Slayer hunter (He can kill Faith only to revive her like with Buffy, his reason 'You are too fun, and those pants are too tight')

4- Vampire gunslinger skills, a bit like Alucard, but using all kind of weapons

5- Somehow he owns Caritas and have business relation with Wolfram & Hart 'Some Xander/Lilah

Anyone up to it

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