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I'm still working on Fulcrum Effect. I'm sorry it's been almost a year since last update. I wish I could say I'm surprised that it took me almost three years to finish Chapter 10, but that would be lying.

Between two family members and my cat dying, a mouldy apartment that has compromised my already poor health, trying to keep up grades in spite of poor health until finally having to leave school due to illness again, and then over a year and a half of convalescence where not a single health care professional could tell me what was wrong and insisted that I must be fine because my test results didn't ever show anything even though I was clearly not fine, I've had no energy for creativity. I know there are people who face worse than I have and still manage to do amazing things like write 100k-word stories on the side, but I'm not them.

I had half of Chapter 10 written about two years ago before my health really nosedived severely, and had to struggle and claw my way through to finishing it. It doesn't have everything I'd initially wanted to include, but I'm surprisingly happy with it and also tired of looking at it, so I'm going to leave it at that. If you're disappointed, or upset that it didn't meet your expectations, or any other measure of displeased - hey, good for you! The internet is vast, you can find a better story; you could write one yourself that has everything you want it to have. That's what I'm doing, after all.

Here's to finally moving on to Chapter 11.

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