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Hey there! I'm Jadeddragon4. I suppose it's finally time that I did one of these, so I'll give it my best.

A few things about me:

-I am in my 20's and live in Minnesota. Yes, there's snow and it's cold, but there is also four very distinct seasons. Yes, we have paved roads and computers, we are not hicked up hillbillies. Yes, we are unnaturally nice, but there are definitely worse things we can be. Yes, we love our Jell-O salad and hot dish, but seriously, who doesn't?! And no, I'm sorry to tell you, that I do not sound like I walked directly out of the movie "Fargo." (Which, by the way, is not even IN Minnesota . . . )

-I have my Master's degree in Communication Studies.

-I am a realist. That means that I write what I feel would happen in reality. In actuality, happy endings do not always happen, hence, my stories are not always roses and rainbows. Sorry.

-For the most part, I write for a very mature audience. I am graphic in all definition of the word. I write explicit sex scenes, I love swearing, I adore blood and gore, and for the most part can be pretty darn vulgar. I realize that this is not everyone's cup of tea, and I completely understand . . . therefore, you won't hurt my feelings if my material makes you uncomfortable and you don't read it. What can I say . . . Stephen King and too many horror movies have desensitized me.

-I am a perfectionist. At times, it saves my life . . . but it also is my greatest weakness. Most of my writer's block occurs because of it, and I'm sorry to say that you, my readers, must suffer the waiting. But the more I look at something I've written, the more I criticize it, and the more I feel my work is inadequate and not worthy of posting.

-If I read it, I will review it. Even if it is not the best thing I've ever read, I believe that everyone deserves kind words of encouragement or advice on how to improve. Writing is a passion. I know how hard it is to put your soul into your writing. And it takes even more guts to publish it for the public to see. Adding a few words is the least I can do.

And on that note:

-I WORSHIP all of my readers. YOU are the reason that I continue to write. Without your support, encouragement, and suggestions, I would never have the nerve to ever write again. So, thank you all again. And, as usual . . . please review, so I know what you like, what you want, and what I need to do to keep you coming back for more!

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