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I'm in love with you, and I know that love is just a shout into the void, and that oblivion is inevitable, and that we're all doomed and that there will come a day when all our labor has been returned to dust, and I know the sun will swallow the only earth we'll ever have, and I am in love with you.”
-Augustus Waters


Update July 20th: Hello, I am alive, just on a little break because my mom took away my laptop and idk when I'll be able to get it back from her. I'm reachable on Discord and FFN, though.

Enneagram type 8w9, MBTI ENFJ-A, Lawful Good.


SOS blog (remove the spaces): https : / / sunriseovershipwrecks. weebly. com

95% of all teens would panic if they saw 1D/Edward Cullen/Justin Bieber/Miley Cyrus/other on top of a skyscraper about to jump. Copy and paste this into your profile if you are one of the 5% that would grab some popcorn, drag over a chair, and shout: "DO A FLIP!"


1. If They Survive: This was the 101st Hunger Games, based on a rough idea of a special arena that I had in mind. I started it on a whim and actually filled subs in 25 days, but I had to hiatite it for personal reasons. I will bring it back up sometime though, and finish it.

2. Dear, Desperation: A series chronicling the journey of the people who came second in their respective games. This is a collab with contemporarydancer2 (Tia) and is under her account. We're both very proud of this! The first chapter's coming out on 20th Jan, so stay tuned!!
Update: It's out!!!!!!!!!!! DD is officially out!! Go check it out on Tia's profile above eyyy!!

3. Sunrise over Shipwrecks: (Currently active) An SYOT! This is going to be something unique, written in the form of poetry (and some prose when required, of course!) I will be regularly updating my profile with the details, as well as on Discord. The SYOT will be a partial, 12 spots being open; I will be accepting only 10. The subs will officially open on 20th April, and close on 30th May. The first prologue should be out on 5th May. The submission form should also be out by 17th April, 2021. Further details will be updated here. Looking forward to y'all's questions and submissions!

Sunrise over Shipwrecks:

I. Some basic world-building you should know!

These are the 170th Games, so we are quite into the future. The Rebellion changed a lot of things in the Panem we are working with; District 4 has been abolished, razed to the ground; the water bodies surrounding District 4 have submerged whatever little remained of it’s landmass. District 4 does not exist in this SYOT.

Since District 4 was demolished, the Career Pack fell out for 10 years after the rebellion. There were no alliances, no Career Pack; just one lone wolf against another. Then, during the 85th Games, a certain GameMaker (who we shall be seeing in the prologues) wanted action. So, he controlled the members of the Career Pack, and included another District; District 5.

The bobmbings, ruthlessness, and neglect of the Capitol fell harsh on District 11. The chemicals caused the fields to dry out, contaminated the soil where they grew their crops and earned their living. There was a Famine in District 11 sometime during the later half of this century, around 20 years ago, and the District is still coming to terms with the Economic desperation it is suffering through. In this SYOT, D11 is the most financially deprived District, perhaps even worse than D12.

District 13, which rose during the rebellion, was squashed and destroyed as well. Only rubble exists near the outskirts of Panem, mice and other rodents being it’s only residents.

The Capitol, on the other hand, has steadily been growing stronger. Rise in power and successful quieting of the Districts Rebelling just grew their strong-hold on the Politics of Panem. The Games have continued being rigged, PeaceKeepers still do as they wish, and the president...well; he’s a different case all together. We will be seeing him in the prologues as well.

SOS Cast: SOS is closed!

D1F: Seraphina Audra, RuneWhisperer x contemporarydancer2
D1M: Roland Silbern, alecxias

D2F: Calypso Castellanos, rising-balloons

D5F: Sangria Sunrise, My-Mental-Mind

D6F: Raya Hiseah, Marie464

D7M: Ithamar Iyer, Josephm611
D7F: Kaladia Wintros, lexi486

D8M: Emris Bacallao, axe-smelling-god

D9F: Gwenith Glyde, averyrandomauthor

D11M: Ries Zinfandel, firedawn'd x ladyqueerfoot

(The details for If They Survive has been taken off my profile, but I have it on a doc so if I ever choose to bring it out of hiatus, it'll be there.)

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