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'Lo I'm Raine

I am normal in the sense that I am not normal to the point where it is considered normal by those around me; but then again, what is normal? I am five foot six, brown hair, blue eyed, female, Caucasian with European and Native American bloodlines. I like writing however seeing as very few people have ever read the things which have have written, and even fewer have commented I cannot tell you whether what I write is good or bad. I can only ask that you form your own opinions as I have formed mine whilst accepting what you say; whether it be criticism or praise. I will warn you that I tend to have a depressing outlook on life, I try not to insert this into what I write, however this sometimes fails. Warning, I can be random.

I like many things, like angst, bloody, mystery, some horror etc. I will read some fluff, however my tastes have greatly changed sine I was younger. I dislike most romance on the bare facts the much of it simply contains those 'happy fantasy' types. Types which I dislike immensely. I respect those who manage to create an intriguing story with a good writing style, plot, rating, romance, whatever: genre, content, het/gay/bi, etc it may have included in it.

I thank those of you have taken the time to read this and must warn you I can be bitingly sarcastic or dull, so please, don't be offended, while I could care less how you take what I say, I am trying to be polite whilst on here. Any comments, messages, etc, you send me whether they be angry, pissed, disgusted, critical, polite, sweet, or complimentary, I thank you for them beforehand. Also just so we get this clear, I am not perfect, I will make mistakes, I have flaws and if these are shown in my writings or comments, oh well. For future reference, no, I do not have conflicting and/or multiple personalities.

~ Raine

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