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I, it's simply me, do solemnly swear to (try to) review all the fics I enjoy, regardless of the number of reviews, its age, or anything else.

I have joined the Review Revolution. Post this same thing in your profile and spread the love!

I need to start posting more. I write loads, and have 'em all saved in my documents, left to rot.

About my Beta account: I pride myself in my English and being grammatically correct, with the ability and insight to see what is wrong with a story and fix it, as well as keeping characters grounded. So please feel free to ask me to proof-read anything, and I assure you, I'll do my best.

This also means that if you catch something wrong with a story of mine, whether it be grammatical or just a typo, you tell me! I'm human, and I make mistakes and I HATE THAT! (no matter how much I double check or proof-read, those darned mistakes STILL bleed through sometimes)


Disclaimer: I do not own my DP and I tried really hard but couldn't find a single source. If anyone knows who it belongs to, please let me know so I can give proper credits

SOME FANART FOR 13 faults! (remove the spaces):

northerious . tumblr . com / post/ 164412035996/ northerious-some-fanart-for-13-faults-by

Other accounts:

MyAnimeList: https:///profile/itssimplyme

Archive of Our Own: http:///users/its_simply_me

I have a Youtube channel! Completely different stuff - I love digital art: animation, gaming, anime itself, drawing, you name it. It's my hobby, and my love of anime and mange is actually what led me to writing. Please do check it out if it sounds cool; everyone is welcome with open arms!!

https : // www . youtube . com / channel/ UCRolRYdUmIvQMWy1nYUdFqg

I love feedback and ideas for improvement! And of course, just a simple like and subscribe :P

Stories in my favorites you absolutely MUST read:

1) Blonding - (Naruto) lots of much-needed Naruto love
2) Isolation - (Harry Potter) an incredibly well-paced, well-developed Hermione/Draco
3) Embers - (Avatar: the Last Airbender) tale of epic proportion
4) The Life and Times - (Harry Potter) beautiful, practically canon Lily/James fic
5) A Lingering Feeling - (Young Justice) Artemis/Wally (so many other good'uns - just check em all out)
6) Possession - (Fairy Tail) Lucy/Natsu (but again, there's so many good ones, just check all my faves)
7) The Girl From Whirlpool - (Naruto) the story of Minato and Kushina. So well-done, may as well be canon.
8) Pandemonium - (Gintama) a lovely story for our favorite trio. Just some family love goodness
9) Meet the Suzumiyas - (Haruhi Suzumiya series) ahhh olden but golden. Kyon/Haruhi
10) Vertigo - (Naruto) strangely enough, a Deidara/Sakura fiction that's developed so well, you can't help believe it
11) Stormbenders - (Avatar: the Last Airbender) Zuko/Katara. But read all of this author's stories
12) We That are Young - (Fullmetal Alchemist) an incredible coming of age Roy/Riza family story
13) Troika Parallel - (Naruto) a primarily NARUTO/Harry Potter/Inuyasha crossover, which also has a small prelogue called experiments, which is Naruto/Sakura
14) Accidentally in Love - (Harry Potter) a Fred/Angelina story

Jeez, looking through this I have read a seriously diverse range of the stuff.

Now, I've definitely forgotten about some, especially in fandoms such as Avatar: the Last Airbender, Naruto, Fullmental Alchemist, Young Justice, Harry Potter, Fairy Tail - all of my favorites for these are definitely worth checking out.

Characters I will always love and protect:

- Naruto Uzumaki
- Zuko
- Sakata Gintoki
- Natsu Dragneel
- Roy Mustang
- Kid Flash (in any franchise)
- Killua Zoldyck

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