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OK, so since I have to have these mandatory intro section thingies, I get to invite some friends.

U.T.: "That would be me. Nice digs here, except it's kinda...blank. Your intro section on the original fiction site is better."

Yes, yes, yes. As you can see, I'm working on that, but I have to do that in an entertaining way, so if you don't help, you're outta here, and I'll get Jack or someone with a goofball personality to help.

U.T.: "What aspect of you do you want me to make fun of? I'm not picky."

That's not what I meant...ANYWAY, my pen name on these fiction-filled sites is King Tarol--

U.T.: "Which is just kinda ripping off MY name, for all you wonderful authors and wanna-bes out there."

Wanna-bes? Don't be mean.

U.T.: "Oh come on. Right now, I'm just like a ventiloquist's puppet; I say all the rude junk, everyone gets mad at me, and they simultaneously agree with you."

I really hope you're going for multiple layers of irony with saying stuff like that. And NOW you have me sidetracked. Thanks a lot.

U.T.: "Despite the fact that I was once a king, and am now a Brigade Leader in a divine army, I still live to serve."

ANYWAY (again), if you don't like that name, you could also call me Cole Lukes.

U.T.: "It's another pen name."

THANK YOU. I apologize; somehow my cynical and mischievous sides got a hold of him. They don't get out enough; they're desperate for as much face time as possible. Maybe I should've reconsidered letting him come here.

U.T.: "Yeah, except you didn't think about that when you put me in your bio page on FictionPress, so now you have to keep things balanced."

Sadly, yes. So, I'm a guy who's fairly laid-back, but around close friends, I purposely over-react to some extent for comedic purposes.

U.T.: "People think he's like an anime character when he does that."

Yeah, I'm a bit of an anime junkie, but I recognize fanfics for a broad range of topics. Except for badfic, and even then, I try to help the authors before just flaming them. I hope that no one responds in kind to my stories. Also of note is that I am more active than a stereotypical writer. I'm a competitive long-distance runner, and I'm in a few Ultimate Frisbee leagues. Did I miss anything?

U.T.: "Other than the fact that you have a slight masochistic streak (or else I wouldn't be saying half the stuff I'm saying), and that you're effectively a complete rip-off artist, even if you don't know you are?"

YES. OTHER THAN THAT. I just like stories, and try to find ways to bring them together as much as possible. This will become more obvious as I write more. However, this can also result in me doing what people have called "Frankensteining" story concepts, places, events, etc. My ideal story would be the ultimate crossover, although I can curb my impulses for now.

U.T.: "He won't die of natural causes. His head will explode from cramming it with too many stories, mixing and matching them together, and then trying to put all that crazy stuff into story format."

No, ladies and gentlemen, he's not normally this spiteful. I don't understand it. When he's in the stories, he's only a LITTLE snarky. Eh, whatever, have fun, and let your minds be filled.

U.T.: "Just not too much, or you'll end up like this guy right here!"

That's it; you're coming with me.

U.T.: "No! Stop! Get away from me with that thing! Don't taze me, bro! DON'T TAZE ME!! You can't keep me silent! I SWEAR IT!!"

My Stories:

Tarol Saga:

DreamTales: Building concepts; look for it on!

Training Days: Building concepts; look for it on!

UFFITSS Heroes: Building concepts; look for it on!

The War of Alphis: Building concepts; look for it on!

Other stories soon!

Chronicler Saga:

Veils of Darkness: Chapter 11 complete; look for it on!

Tamers World Tour: Building concepts

Rise of the Jewel: Building concepts; look for it on!

Wrath of MHA (working title): Building concepts; look for it on!

Wild Dawn: Chapter 2 complete; look for it on!

Other stories soon!

Daemon Saga:

Demon-Kid J: Building concepts; look for it on!

Other stories soon!

Rijal Saga:

RAS Adventures: Building concepts; look for it on!

Other stories soon!

The specific site for finding all those stories with the crazy-sounding names on is: So, check it out, and drop me a PM either here or there. With more people, investigators, readers, etc., I get more pumped to write stuff, and thus my writing is better and done faster.

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