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T L Kay
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Hi, my name is Tabitha Kronenwetter, i am 20 and a hard-core Stargate fan. i'm one of those people that sits around with other fans for hours on end discussing every little detail of what happened in an episode. not that i don't like other shows and stuff, i mean clearly i do, but for me it've always just found myself thinking about what if this happened on Stargate, or what if that happened. so finally i was like, well i'll just write it!

this is the first time i've ever written fan fiction, and as you can clearly see i don't claim to be a science expert or a military expert or any of that good stuff. what i know is people, and the way they interact. so that's what i try to write.

I write cause i can't help but do it. writing is like breathing for me, it just happens. i don't just write fan fics, i've actually written two novels and am working on my third. i have an online journal thing for my stories and i would absolutely LOVE people to check it out and give me some feedback. i would someday like to be a published author and the i haven't gotten much in the way of contructive criticism on my novels.


well that's about it. shoot me a line if you like my stories. i love hearing from new people!

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