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Yes, I really am Cherokee and very proud of it. I am a former English teacher turned accoutant. Yeah, go figure.

I have read fanfiction for years. I finally decided to start writing stories of my own. I am totally addicted to NCIS, both the show and fanfiction. (I'm watching an NCIS marathon as I write this.) I also love [H]ouse, Burn Notice and Star Wars. Papa Bear Gibbs is my favorite character. I love the stories that explore the family relationships that exist in NCIS and Burn Notice and for a brief period of time in [H]ouse.

Update July 12, 2012 I've put off posting this update until I sent out PMs to friends I wanted to notify first. I know there are alot of you who want to know when/if I plan to finish "Safety" and "Ziva's Dream". I have every intention of finishing both of them. Unfortunately, I can't tell you when that will happen. Real life is taking all of my time, energy, and emotions. It's difficult to write this, but Mr. Jedi has been diagnosed with lung cancer. I hope everyone will understand that the focus of all of my energy has to be on him right now. He has an appointment with the oncologist on July 24th. I will post another update as soon as we know more. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. Cherokee Jedi.

Update August 3, 2012 Mr. Jedi has now been through multiple chest x-rays, a lung function test, a CT scan, a needle biopsy, and a contrast PET scan. He's been to a Pulmonologist, an Oncologist, and a Cardiothorastic surgeon. The diagnosis is that he has a 1.6cm Adenocarcinoma in the uppper lobe of his left lung that does not appear to have spread. According to the doctors, in the world of lung cancer, he is VERY lucky. A 1.6cm tumor is considered a baby and they are NEVER caught this early. Our Primary Care Physican, who spotted it on a chest x-ray, is a mirale worker. We're both very happy with the surgeon. His specialty is heart and lung transplants. Yeah, I'm pretty sure he knows what he's doing.

Surgery is scheduled for this coming Wednesday, August 8th. The surgeon will remove the entire upper lobe of the left lung and lymph nodes. If all goes well, Mr. Jedi will be in the hospital for less than a week. The first 2 or 3 days will be spent in surgical ICU. Depending on the pathology results, he may not have to undergo chemo. Recovery time is estimated at 4 to 6 weeks.

The next couple of weeks will be stressful, hectic, and tense. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. I will post updates as I can even if they're just a sentence or two. Cherokee Jedi

Update August 13: Mr. Jedi is still in the hospital. The surgeon was just in. If everything goes well tonight, we will be going home tomorrow. Mr. Jedi has been to Hell and back. This has been infinitely more horrible than we ever imagined.

Update August 14 We are home. Oxycodone is keeping the pain down to a tolerable level. Now comes the long road to physical and emotional recovery. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. Cherokee Jedi

Update August 16 The pathology results are back. Thank God!!! The lymph nodes and the surrounding tissue all tested negative for cancer. The oncologist will have to decide on chemo but the surgeon said he doubts that it will be necessary. We couldn't have received more wonderful news. The pain is getting better and he's getting stronger. It's a great night at the Jedi house. Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers.

Update November 4: Things are definitely looking better at the Jedi house. The oncologist agreed that chemo and radiation will NOT be necessary! She and the surgeon agreed that surgery was the cure. Folks, this NEVER happens! It was caught early before it had a chance to spread. (Smokers, please demand that your physician do chest x-rays as part of your annual physicals.) Mr. Jedi has gone back to work. He's still not 100% but he's doing better. And, the other great news...our employer is offering an early retirement buy-out and Mr. Jedi is taking it. He's decided that life is too short to spend it working at a job he hates. As of April 1st, I will have a full-time house husband...until he finds a job he wants. I can't thank all of you enough for your positive thoughts and prayers. I'm slowly getting back to writing. Picking up where I left off isn't easy. So much has happened, I'm in a different place in my head. But, I am writing. I hope to have something posted soon. Cherokee Jedi

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