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So, been a while. For those who remember me, i was the one who wrote Devon vs Virgo. However as of now, i’ve rush the project for quite a while as I’ve decided to go back, and revision the whole thing. As it’ll be renamed. Light vs 10 Tarot. With me adding more OC and story toward the series, I’m excited to do this once I get to that part, however. I’ll take my time.

Now, onto a project that I’ll work on as I’m beginning to rewrite the script for Light Vs 10 Tarot Card. Mainly, Ninjago: Redux. This is a project/way to honor and show my love toward Ninjago, I’ll be doing each season respectively, while not rewriting them, I’ll add more fighting scenes or change a few things on the ep. Like for etc, when Cole uses his Golden Scythe to summon his Tread Assault to injuries Skales, I want to give a small detail like a burn mark on his body due to taking a missile from Tread Assault in EP 12.

I also want to change something around some of the bad seasons, again. Only a small thing, while everything is the same of course. I’ll add in my own fight scene in this series, while also refixing a few things to make it better, again. I’ve so much plan for Ninjago: Redux. However, while Ninjago Redux is my side project, at least for the four pilot ep! I’ve a crossover that i want to do for a long while.

I have been getting into Toku/Anime Shows that are really good! So I decide I want to do some cool crossover with Kamen-Rider! I'm planning to do an Faiz X Symphogear because I'm been getting into Symphogear as a whole and really loving the craziness it's holding! So I'm planning to do that since the fanfic was inspired by Ashbel's fanfic - Faiz - Song of Paradise! I've been reviewing and giving some good insight on its flaw and etc. But the fanfic is still good! Give it a try, but this one shot will be opened as fanfic later on once I get some good reviews to help me. If not. I'll do it anyway in due time. But I'll say this...there will be heat on the way!

Now, this is all of the updates i’ve for now. I’ll update my bio when i got more stories to tell for you, until then. Later for now.

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