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I love reading The Viking Quest (definitely recommend buying them) and many more. Including historical books like:“Another Montanan Pioneer” (my second favorite historical book, behind the Bible) As well as the lovely fictional book “A Rebel Spy.”

Some favorite movies would be ‘12 Angry Men’ and ‘The Shop Around the Corner.’ ‘The General’ staring Buster Keaton. Old fashioned movies are the best ;)

Newer movies I think are worth watching again would be: ‘The Adventures of Tintin, Copperhead, and Peter Rabbit.

I like creating and playing songs on the piano.

Also, I like backpacking and skiing.

Before I go, I just have to say that if you are imaginative (and love good humor) you should read: “Man Alive” by G.K. Chesterton (There is a free audio recording on LibriVox)

Yeah, I think that’s it. :)

I’ve decided to make some changes in my lifestyle. I want to spend more time helping others and daily seeking God. I realized I was living very selfishly with my time. And I didn’t have any life long purpose for the heavenly kingdom. So, if anybody wants to talk about this or encourage me you can leave a message. Also Lord willing, I will not give up on my Hope in Moscow story, as I highly value its valuable lessons. Anyone can read it as I created all the characters and storyline. It originally came to me after seeing the first 5 minutes of a frustrating political movie (Basically downgrading Americans.) However, I will note that I realize America is going down spiritually and will never be the same as the 1700’s. What is life if there is nothing past it? And what is life if there is no God in Glory waiting for us? Alright, I had my say! :) God loves you, has prepared you and equipped you to do every good work. God Bless!

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