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Joined Nov '07

Previous pen name: BlessedAngel13


Name: Forgotten Talez
Age: a secret
Gender: female
Astrological sign: Aries
Occupation: student


Hobby: reading
Fandoms: Harry Potter, Bartimaeus Trilogy, Alex Rider, Eragon, Kuroshitsuji, Ouran HSHC, Demon's Lexicon
Music: pop, mostly. Eg. Avril Lavigne, Taylor Swift, Secondhand Serenade, etc.
Writing genre:
- romance. I read het and slash, though I find myself preferring the latter. Probably 'cause I can't bring myself to love the girls in HP, except Luna and Hermione. But I can't see Harry dating Hermione, really. She's more of a sisterly character to me. So it's just Luna, but she's very hard to write.
- touching stories. Not angst, but the ones that touches the heart with love, friendship and beautifully written stories.
- literary devices. Be it humorous or romantic, there is something attractive about manipulating and using the english language to convey a point or a scene in a most different way from the usual.
- humor. Everyone needs humor in their lives, and I find mine through stories that has an engaging style. Sarcasm, joking banter or downright silliness, I love them all. Cookies to all that made me laugh out loud.
- cliched!plots. I don't know why, but I love cliches. I mean, there has to be a reason why some plot devices are considered cliched right? They are overused because each aspiring writer had read stories like that before and fell in love with the plot and wishes to try their hand at it. And one can find true gems in this omelet of cliches.


- spelling and gramatical errors. If one is serious about writing, I believe one should make to effort in all aspects of the story. A story with bad grammar and blatant spelling mistakes would not only hinder readers from enjoying a story fully, it also leaves an unfavorable impression. Respect your story, proof-read before publishing. Spell-check is not enough, not if you often use the wrong words(with correct spelling) for the actual word. Eg, writing 'tail' instead of 'tale'. :)
- too much description. It is understandable that one would like to linger on descriptions to give the reader a full image. But the reader does not want to know in detail every article of clothing a character is wearing, or the entire layout of a house, in one go all together. It is not only rather tedious to read, it also causes the reader to forget most of the details, as they tend to skip or skim the entire thing. Rather, give a brief description at first glance, then as the story progresses, slip in a detail or two, integrating the entire image slowly into the reader's mind. Don't worry about the readers forgetting the insignificant details, descriptions are mostly to give a general impression on the thing described, for the subconscious mind to form an image. Focus on the important details that may play a role in the plot, but try not to describe it over and over again, especially not with the exact same words!
- monologues and monotonous writing. Sometimes, when a writer wants to move the plot along, they allow themselves to produce second-rate work in just writing the plot out, without the beauty of language involved to spin a truly enjoyable, engaging tale. I understand that it is not easy to write, and sometimes, one has no idea how to go about writing a particular scene pictured in mind. I try not to judge, but it's hard not to, especially when this horrendous style of writing is introduced early in the story. It's commonly found in cliched!plot fics, where, presumedly, the writer does not want to waste effort rewriting a plotline that is already commonly used. However, it is rather frustrating for us readers as we want to enjoy the different elements you introduce to the plot and your style of writing, and this makes it hard to do so.
- crack. I read brilliant crack-fics before, with quirky humor and impossible, hilarious situations. Unfortunately, this is a tiny, extremely small minority in this genre. The rest are a horrifying mess and a disgrace to writing. I cannot imagine what possessed these insane, shameless writers (if they can even be called that) to publish such eyesores out here. They are protected by anonymity and probably do it as a joke or something, but what a pointless waste of time!

About me

I'm just your average girl, who just wants to live for the moment. And read all the books and fanficitons in the world, or maybe just the good ones.
I'm a dreamer, not a doer. But who's to say my dreams won't change the world? Or at the very least myself.
It's weird trying to describe myself, cause everyone's version of reality is skewered. I don't even know me very well. So many masks I've put on, and so many lies I believe, I don't think I'm who I think I am, or anyone really.
I am the girl you see reading quietly at school, in the library, while passing time.
I am also the girl you see laughing, talking and screaming with my friends, loudly.
I am ditzy, and oftentimes look confused as I live in my head most of the time.
I am average smart, but too lazy for my own good.
There are many versions of me. And all of them, are in a sense, me, be it a small or large part.

- I write, but unfortunately, I haven't a piece that I feel satisfied enough with to publish online.
- I love reading, but I prioritise it way to much, to the extent that I neglect my studies and immerse myself in a book or a fanfic.

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