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My birthday is 1/12/94.

I am finally 18 Ya

Graduation is two days so i will be busy with finals and graduation practice.

My favorites Aime Shows.

yugioh gx and yugioh


Japaneses anime shows

Sailor moon

Yugioh Gx

favorites Show

Victories TV Show


Favorite Cartoons


Phineas and freb


Teen Titans

Favorite Movies

Harry Potter 1-7

Percy Jackson

dragon ball evolution

The Fairy odd parents Grow up Timmy Tuner

Phineas and ferb Across the 2 dimensions Awesome

The HUNGER GAMES its Awesome






Favorite Cooking shows


Age 18 My name Dorothy

Grade 12th Almost Done YA

school-Kingston High School

Family Members-3 sister 2 brothers


hobbies-sing and dance,drew and write stories

(゚、 。 7
l、 ヽ

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To all readers who use since it came on many people are talking about the So, I have heard about copyright rule from my friends that will be used by the US and how it will affect fanfiction site like ffnet. I still continue my writing, but if that rule really happening to us, then it will be impossible to use ffnet again. So, if anyone of you really want to read my stories, you can send me your email via PM so I can send you the newest chapter or any new stories…

Stop this act when it does pass nobody can make stories or use their creative ideas
I use this sit since 2000 till now i was in the 5th grade when i use this sit so stop the copyright law NOW

Fellow This page if you have a facebook account

To All readers i need a beta to looked at my three stories also i need help with a squeal to New Start and New hope what i should do with it and if someone had the time to make a preview to it i would be happy to post it on my site THANK YOU!!!

TO ALL READERS the new squeal for New Start and New hope is up still working on Chapter 2 more Updates coming up soon

New Dream,New Life and New friends AU After spending time in the Pokemon World Harry ready to take the changes he going to make in the Wizard World would be in Chaos when I am done writing it. This is the squeal you guys are ready for. There is some MALE AND MALE

A Poll is coming up soon so stay tune.

There is going to be more

Next Series is New Past New Quest New Future AU After Beating the Hoenn League he went back to the Wizard World for his six year trouble brow with Fred and Gorge with harry and there pokemon are there to help them through the battles they are going to face. MALE MALE Underdeveloped

After that is New Pokemon New Dreams New density Harry last year of Hogwarts and a new adventure Along with Fred and Gorge with his new friends Draco and Remus also Sirius goes to the new world of Pokemon harry founds out his parents heritage.

Another is New Love new family new and New Travels After killed Dumbledore when harry realize that he was tricked a couple years back him and along with friends and new Boyfriend

Who is my OC for the stories who would appear in the 3 series New Enemy come and battle for the right to be king of the pokemon can he handle the stress he have to Indore.

New Generation New Pokemon and New Hope Au 25 years Harry and his boyfriend have a house and 3 beautiful children two boys andn one girl all of his friends came and move in with him to the pokemon new its his children to have the fun at pokemon battle. MPRGE MALE AND MALE

To all Anonymous reviewers i am not taking your reviews not right now so what untill this whole thing below over i make move my stories to another site so fellow me soon on that

Here is my new facebook page soo check it out

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