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I love books and animals. Tease me all you want and that's fine but tease my friends and your dead. Just like in most Alex Rider fanfics I am extremely protective of my friends and vice versa. I have twelve pets.

I have seven friends and they mean the world to me. They are the same age as me and I would do anything for them. One of them is a boy and people say that we like each other. however that's just plain dumb. He is one of my closest besties.

I'm a girl. I'm not one of those makeup, hair, and dresses kind of girl. I am much more down to earth. My favorite books are any written by Rick Riordan, Harry Potter, Aru Shah, The Cupcake Queen, Love, Maybe?, and Frosted Kisses. I also like Alex Rider. I like to solve mysteries and puzzles. I prefer to create awesome stuff and let other people take credit for it while I stay in the shadows. I am more of a reader than a writer. I am often horrified at the fact that some people find reading worthless. However most of the time I am just sad that they have not discovered the joy of reading. I am often called a book rat but to me that is a complement. I love to play piano. I have done ballet since I was a year and a half. I also play soccer. I live in San Diego, California. I am an all A student.

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