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Update: I have so far made at least two people mad enough to send me mail over Generation of Animals.

Further details and context on any individual story can be found on AO3. Because 's editor is an ancient bag of moldy donuts, I can rarely spare the time to add all Notes and trivia on an individual fic here.

I love and appreciate your feedback, but for several reasons, it's easier for me to respond at AO3, my preferred archive. All stories will continue to be mirrored here, I have no plans to stop cross-posting. You're also welcome to email or look me up on tumblr!

"What the hell IS the Codex?"

In a nutshell:

As Loki falls from Asgardian grace one more time, he chances a risky path that takes him directly to the door of SHIELD. At first a cautious enemy, then eventually an odd ally, and then ultimately a friend, Loki has to decide what changing his destiny truly means - and what it will cost.

The SHIELD Codex didn't start as a pure AU. It is a canonically themed altered timeline often with visitors from the comic universe that haven't appeared in the MCU yet. These 'canon immigrants' are intended to be in MCU style and not their comics counterpart. Knowing the comics should not be a requirement at any point, only a bonus. As for the rest? The Jotun Space Wizard did it.

The series begins to diverge the most shortly before Ragnarok and IW in the MCU, and begins to ignore Agents of SHIELD canon post-Framework arc.

The Codex itself is in three major 'arcs,' the Codex itself, the Verse, and Judicium. The first goes from Clear and Present Loki to With Postscript to Follow. 'Verse is Lion in Spring to An Ocean Deep and Cold. Judicium is ongoing. It begins, out of order, with Shadows of Asgard and the current Codex fics continue it. For more details on the above, please see the AO3 mirrors for these arcs. My username is the same there, as are all titles.

Missives from Misrule and One Second, Frozen in Twilight are stories I mentally consider prequel to the Codex. They are not linked otherwise and the second portion of Misrule is heavily out of date post part 13 of the Codex.

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