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Check this out! This is a site dedicated to helping you find good fanfiction and setting up polls to vote for the best! Log on, register, and make your suggestion for your favorite fic of the week. I'm there under my handle, pudgypudge. Look me up!

I've been reading quite a few forums lately outside of the site. Most are filled with people with unkind things to say about ANY fic they read. Here's a link to a Penny Arcade comic, just so you, and they, can see what they sound like. http:///comic/2006/9/6/

I am now on the favorites list of over 2000 FanFiction authors. Thanks to all of you.

Broken Hearts, Shattered Dreams: Naruto and Sakura were once married and had a son, but she left them when Sasuke came back. Naruto removed himself from society until Ino decided to bring him back into their circle of friends. Now they're making a go of a relationship and Naruto's secrets are revealed one by one. COMPLETED

100,00 hits--8:31pm on 1-17-08

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400,000 hits--10:07pm on 7-15-09

FANART!: Brought to you by NoNameNeeded...http:///art/Hikaru-and-Genmaki-134363137

Master of the Zanbatous: Jiraiya dies in battle with the Akatsuki and Naruto takes up his station as the Toad Sannin. Leaving the battlefield, he acquires the swords Kubikiri Houcho and Samehada, two massive zanbatous that are sentient. After two years abroad he comes back to Konoha to find that things aren't the same as he left and maybe certain things in the past weren't as they seemed. COMPLETED

100,000 hits--11:08pm on 2-6-08

200,000 hits--9:01pm on 3-29-08

300,000 hits--8:49pm on 6-4-08

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FANART!: Brought to you by minatohaiiiiii...http:///art/For-pudgypudge-quot-MOTZ-quot-143645839

Bring the Hammer Down: Set in Shippuuden after Naruto and the gang meet Sasuke and Orochimaru for the first time. After several more attempts to bring Sasuke back, the last one ends in disaster and Naruto is thrown into a near death state where he meets Kami. She gives him another chance at life and a holy war hammer, charging him with the task of retrieving a soul that has become to tainted to remain on earth. COMPLETED

100,000 hits--7:23pm on 3-2-08

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A piece of fanart for BTHD done by our very own Shivakashi! She did a great job. Shi Shi, I love you even more. You're the best! http:///art/Bringing-the-Hammer-Down-113372387

An Uzumaki Amongst the Dunes: Set in Shippuuden after Naruto and the gang fight Akatsuki. The battle was mostly a draw and Naruto finds out who his parents were. Denied his birthright by the council of Konoha, he takes what is rightfully his and journeys to Suna, to become a shinobi under Gaara. His life takes a whole new turn as he adapts to life in the desert. COMPLETED

100,000 hits--8:19pm on 2-27-08

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FANART!: brought to you by NoNameNeeded...http:///art/An-Uzumaki-Amongst-The-Dunes-134590078

The Melt: Starting from the beginning of Naruto's life and taking you through his life, explaining why some things came to be and why some things won't. Naruto is smart, powerful for his age, and is the chosen successor to the Sandaime Hokage. No pairing as of yet.

100,000 hits--5:55pm on 3-31-08

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Paid in Blood: Limbo is a horrible place, the realm between Heaven and Hell, reserved for those who neither one wants. Naruto and Kyuubi were sent there and were left for centuries until Jashin found his newest disciple. Offered revenge against those who wronged him in the past in return for worship and blood offerings, Naruto agrees to be Jashin's newest disciple.

100,000 hits--1:00pm on 4-18-09

FANART! This is a drawing of the gauntlet as imagined by Your mom-hahaha... http:///art/Paid-in-Blood-126078110

No Strings Attached: A flight of fancy after a puppet show will spur Naruto on to first a hobby and then an ambition. He will rise to the top of the ninja world just as his puppets rise on invisible strings.

If you like my stories, you should really check out DarkHeroOrion. His story Birth of a Legend: The Fox Druid is really good and deserves more accolades. Visit his story and leave a review.

Darkness is My Friend CHALLENGE: Recently, I have acquired a taste for Blind Naruto fics. I would like to see a fic in the mold of Zatoichi, the Blind Swordsman. Naruto would have a nodachi hidden as a cane. He was born blind, none of this 'angry villagers poked his eyes out' crap. His sense of hearing and smell, taste and touch are all enhanced. He still contains the Kyuubi, but I leave its involvement up to you. Pairings are what you wish. If you wish to take up this challenge, I would suggest renting the Zatoichi movies. Not only are they good, but you would get a feel for the fighting style and the facial expressions of a blind person. Watch the old ones, not the ones with the guy with white hair! Good grammar required.

Jiongu CHALLENGE: We've all seen various Akatsuki members take Naruto in, but I've never seen this one. What if an angry, bitter Naruto, one who didn't know acknowledgment, ran away from Konoha at a young age, swearing that one day they would see him again. He comes across Kakuzu, who attempts to kill him at first, but is amazed by the child's resilience. Intrigued, he lets the child accompany him on his bounty hunts as tests of his endurance. Upon finding that Naruto is also an outcast of his village, he uses the kinjutsu Jiongu, the Black Tendrils, on the boy. Pairings, if any, are what you wish. Kyuubi's involvement is up to you. Naruto is a bitter, jaded individual against the Leaf. Good grammar required.

Oblivion CHALLENGE: I've seen a total of four stories for a Naruto/Oblivion X-over and I can't believe that this hasn't been tapped more. As an avid player of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and a HUGE fan of the Dark Brotherhood missions, I extend this challenge. A young Naruto kills one of his tormentors out of anger and is visited by Lucien LaChance in his sleep. Offered a family and the love he's been denied, he pledges his loyalty to the Brotherhood, the Dark Lord Sithis, and the Nightmother. A Naruto who revels in the kill. Just imagine the argument between Naruto and Hidan...Sithis? Or Jashin? Feel free to contact me for details. Good grammar required.

The Crow CHALLENGE: One fic...I've seen one fic for this. Such a travesty. People like to write about Naruto dying and going to the Bleach world, but what if his purpose on Earth isn't finished yet? What if there was something left undone? Sasuke kills Naruto at some point but, what if, instead of going to Seireitei, Naruto was brought back to fulfill his destiny? Because sometimes a soul cannot find its way to the light of the afterlife before immersing itself in the darkness...Naruto/The Crow Xover. PM me for details and help. I want to see this one!

Anyone interested in these challenges, feel free to contact me for further details or guidance. And be sure to notify me. I'll give you a bump below here on my profile. Happy writing!

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