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Ok, Hi, my name is...well, that's irrevelant to be hoenst. But if you MUST know, you can call me Salem. Yes, I AM a female, but mostly a tomboy. I have to say, I don't write much fanfics, I've thought about it but... I'm terrible at them. Instead, I write my own stories on Fictionpress.com. One of the authors on this website. (she's on my favorites list) is Le Coeur de l'Ocean. She writes INCREDIBLE poems and stories on fanfiction, though lately she has been writing on Fictionpress.com. You can get to her from my profile on fictionpress, which is Lady of Secrets. Here is the link to the account:


also, Humsha does absoutely WONDERFUL naruto fanfics. So plz look those over and have a nice day!

p.s. yes i know, I advertise a lot for them, but they are two incredible authors. Although, if you can spare a few minutes to go through my stuff, It'd be much appreciated as well.


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