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You'll find anything that catches my fantasy here. Includes all sorts of crossovers and regulars.


For all Ginny, Ron, Molly Weasley and Dumbledore, and Annabeth Chase, and Bella Swan lovers and fans, this place is not for you. The stories will contain their bashing in one form or the other.

Note: A vindictive, dark Hermione is an all - time fav.

Favorite Jesters include: Leo Valdez, Fred and George Weasley, Tony Stark, Emmette Cullen

Favorite Pairings:

Harry Potter

Harry / Hermione

Harry / Luna

Hermione / Draco and/or Blaise / Theo

Neville / Luna or Hannah or Susan

Percy Jackson

Percy / Rachael

Percy / Calypso

Percy / Reyna

Nico / Will

Frank / Hazel

Crossover Pairings:

Hermione Granger / Sherlock Holmes

Hermione Granger / Percy Jackson

Hermione Granger / Jasper Whitlock (or Hale - whichever you prefer)

Hermione Granger / Jacob Black

Jacob Black / Luna Lovegood

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