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As People can tell my stories are gone, They have been deleted by me. I can say after five years of taking abuse on this site I finally am sick of it. I post on this site because I thought it would be fun to share my stories. I post because otherwise they would be sitting on my computer, and thought others would enjoy reading my work.

Since that seems not to be the case anymore I have decided to leave. It is rather stressful and annoying to deal with flamers, and other people telling me I should die, or I should stop writing because everything I write is horrible. I have gotten a couple suicide notes made for me by other people on here...and a lot more.

I frankly can't take anymore.

I had fun some of the time I have been on here but the last year or so I haven't. It has been a chore. Every time I get a review or PM, I dread what I am going to read.

I have cried because some of the things I get.

On a good day I end up getting 4-7 flamers...on a bad day I tend to get more. So Yes, I am getting to my whits end now.

I am sorry but I am done. I may post fanfiction again. I don't know as of now. I will keep writing fanfiction for myself, but I will no longer be posting it.

I am sorry.


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