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Hey there!

I'm a twific enthusiast from beautiful Austria, always on the hunt for new stories. I loved all of the books when I was a teen but when I came back to them as an adult, I noticed certain things that I'm not so excited about anymore ... hence Fanfiction.

What I read:

- no AH

- almost exclusively canon-couples

What I like:

- strong, independent Bellas

- Edwards with a personality and respect for Bella as an equal partner

- darker depictions of vampirism ... think along the lines of Midnight Sun, Eclipse and The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner. The nature of SMs vampires is actually pretty horrifying and I love to read about how essentially good people deal with what is, yes, pretty monstruous

- If Bella becomes a vampire, let there be at least some consequences to that decision - the trauma of excruciating pain, an actual newborn phase, succumbing to bloodlust, lost memories, no children, Charlie left behind, a heartbroken Jake ...

- I'm a sucker for well-written angst

- Give me good chemistry between Bella and Edward and I get all gooey inside ;)

- HEAs but ones that are not huge, elaborate weddings (they get a bit repetitive after the 47th time)

- somewhat historically accurate depictions of the Cullen's past and how they became who they are ... I'm a history student after all, you know?

What I'm not so ethusiastic about:

- the power balance shifting even more towards Edward ('cause marrying someone who treats you like a child is no fun)

- Bella getting cajoled into 'the perfect life' (weddings, perfect husband, money, houses, cars, perfect children, immortality) with no regards to her own, often much simpler ideas about 'the good life' ...

- pregnancies and Renesmees, for some reason


I love this community of fantastic FF writers and I can only thank all of you for sharing your stories with us. I appreciate it so much! Every time I discover a hidden (or not so hidden) gem is the best feeling ever! If you feel I'm harsh in a comment, I'm sorry! It means I'm passionate about a story and I typically love it to bits despite the criticism. So thank you for letting me parttake in all this creativity and love for the twilight world. You're awesome!

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