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Ragnar the Rad PM
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Hey everyone, the name's Ragnar, welcome to my humble profile.

Guess I should start with my likes and such, right? Well, I've been always a nerd at heart, and I've always spent my free time gaming, watching tv, or reading. I don't have any specific likes or dislikes when it comes to games or tv shows and I can't think of anything that I ever truly disliked.

My all time favorite Anime would have to be Dragonball, DBZ, and One Piece, most because I fondly remember watching them with my sister when I was still a little kid. But beyond that, I love Naruto, Bleach, Fairy Tail, and well you know the drill. I can't say that I had time to watch any and all recent Anime, or read their Manga counterparts, but I tried to watch all the popular Anime that appeared over the last years.

Again, can't say that I've seen them all, for example, I have never gotten the chance to watch Tokyo Ghoul...

As for books, well I haven't read many. Openeing a long novel is a commitment that I'm not willing to make often, and so even though I regularly buy myself new books, e-books or audio books, I've only touched a small number of them. Once I am committed to a good book I love it, I love it so much that I can't put it down, which often means that I'm reading through a night and then I keep reading during work...so yea, you probably can guess why I don't do that all to often.

And lastly my hobby of gaming. Here I'm not at all picky, I play everything. it doesn't matter if it's real time strategy, an rpg, or an fps game. I've played erotic vsual novels and everything else under the moon. If it exists and has a relatively good steam rating then chances are hight that I already own the game. But if I had to choose a favorite game then it would have to be Skyrim.

Skyrim's my personal holy grail of gaming, mainly due to the 50000 mods that exist for the game. I think I have over 1000 hours played and there are still mods and playstyles that I haven't tried yet.

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